Seminar on "Numerical modelling of jointed rock mass and rock joints"


Geological Survey of Finland, Sederholm hall, Betonimiehenkuja 4, 02151 Espoo

Programme and presentations [PDF]

Keynote: KARMO – Initial data for numerical modelling of rock joint mechanical behaviour by Lauri Uotinen (Aalto)
Keynote: Numerical modelling of secondary fracturing in seismic event by Johannes Suikkanen (POSIVA)
Deriving rock mechanical properties from geological fracture observations by Paula Salminen (Pöyry Finland Oy) 
Flow in fractured medias by Antti Pasanen (Industrial Environments and Recycling, GTK)
DFN modelling of jointed rock mass by Eevaliisa Laine (Bedrock Construction and Site Assessment, GTK)
A 3D case study on an open pit mine slope stability in a jointed rock mass via video call from Omid Mahabadi (Geomechanica)


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